European Retriever Championship

Individual Challenge Cup 2017 Austria

7-8 October 2017


Filip Bollen – BE

Anders Carlsson – SE

Roy Tomlinson – GB

Ton Buijs – NL







Emmanuel Cormier    Cool Mint Arlet Star    1st, Excellent      CACIT


Tomi Sarkinnen    Wijmas Mumin    2nd, Excellent      Res. CACIT


Rob Schmidt    Cerbel Ambassador    3rd,  Excellent


Jimmy Henneberg    Sparkfield Morris Minor    4th, Excellent


Benny Steen    Carmal’s Unparalleled    Excellent


Bjarne Holm    Waternuts High and Mighty    Excellent



 Ergebnis/Result      Land/Country      Hundeführer/Handler     

 Name des


     Wurfdatum/DOB      Rasse/Breed

1st. Excellent, 

CACIT      France      Emmanuel Cormier     Cool Mint Arlet Star     03.03.2014     Labrador/male

2nd Excellent,


     Finland      Tomi Sarkinnen     Wijmas Mumin     05.07.2014     Labrador/male

3rd Excellent      Netherlands      Rob Schmidt     

 Int. FTCH

 Cerbel Ambassador

    20.03.2010     Labrador/male

4th Excellent      Denmark      Jimmy Henneberg     Sparkfield Morris Minor     12.02.2011     Labrador/male

Excellent      Sweden      Benny Steen     Carmal´s Unparalleled     15.03.15     Labrador/female

Excellent      Norway      Bjarne Holm     Waternuts High and Mighty     13.04.2010     FCR / male