European Retriever Championship

About the European Retriever Championship

The European Retriever Championship is a prestigious international competition that brings together some of the Europe’s top retrievers and their handlers to showcase their skills in an field trial.

The competition is organized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) and was previously known as the Individual Challenge Cup (ICC).

The competition was established in 2002 as a field trial competition. It was created as a similar competition to the European Retriever Cup (Cd’E), which was a team competition. The ICC, on the other hand, was always an individual competition. In the early years of the competition, it was held every other year, alternating with the Cd’E, which was held in odd years.

In 2012, a new system was introduced, and the competition became a two-day event. At the end of the second day, the best-rated dog is awarded the CACIT. Since 2016, the competition has been held annually.

Each member country can nominate up to two dogs based on the results, unless the organizer decides otherwise. The winner of the previous year is automatically guaranteed a nomination.